BR was conceived by Juma Inniss of the Message and Jared “JPRiZM” Price of Koma Toast — native Bostonian creatives who are passionate about the city, its youth, and its art.

JUMA is a recording artist / producer, speaker, and consultant. He is the founder and director of the Message, a movement to empower teens to make positive life choices in a world powered by digital media. The Message serves US and Canadian youth in middle school and beyond, equipping them with media literacy and other 21st century skills. He has written and produced two full-length albums: Fall of the Giants and Blast Music, which features a guest appearance from Grammy award winning singer, John Legend. His music has been featured on major music and retail channels including VH1, Journey’s Shoes, and PBS. He holds a B.S. in Marketing Communication from Emerson College and an A.S. in Broadcasting from the New England Institute of Art.

JPRiZM is an artist / musician / producer / songwriter / culturalist. His music industry journey began with his first album, “Mindwalker,” voted a 2014 top 50 hip hop album by CMJ. Since then, he has self-released an instrumental EP, Waves, in Spring 2017 along with a series of other solo singles and collaborations. JPRiZM has also produced dozens of other artists including Joelle James (Roc Nation), Shea Rose (Best of Boston and BWA Winner), Amanda Holley (Tommy Boy), Brittany Butler (The Voice), and many others. He has racked up over 150,000 music streams on the various music remix projects he’s released.